The story

In the heart of a vibrant music community, Jake 'the SNake' Blomkvist felt the pulse of his fellow musicians, all talented but lacking representation. Inspired by the desire to support his firends and his own bands, he founded Prescape Music, a small indie label driven by love and friendship. 

Prescape had humble beginnings, releasing digital music for a handful of bands. It quickly evolved into a haven for collaboration and creativity, expanding to tangible expressions of art like vinyl records and merchandise. From dimly lit basements to live events, Prescape grew, providing a platform for its artists to share their music with a wider audience. Jake's labor of love had become a force, a community of artists pushing boundaries together. 

Prescape Music, thought not widely known, stands as a testament to the power of a small label amplifying the voices of its artists, an intimate family of musicians weaving a unique narrative in the indie music scene.

Prescape offers:

  • Studio services, engineering, producing, mixing, and mastering
  • Distribution
  • Music Video production
  • Live event planning
  • Booking

Contact jakob@prescape.dk for more info.